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  • "I learned more here (at 3DTraining) in 12 weeks than studying 4 years in college"

    German Rodriquez, 3DTraining Student
  • "In the 3DTraining I found a perfect combination of video lectures and live instructor class/lab sessions. I also like that the course is compressed which forced me to learn a lot for the short period of time."

    Tatyana Sunguryan, Revit
  • "It was a good experience, you got to get a feel for what it's like having a job in this field more so than just a classroom."

    Leah Jackson, Maya
  • "I really loved the way the class is set up and the workflow. I have prior experience with 3d programs and the detail in the videos made it really easy to learn."

    Gabriela , 3ds Max
  • "It was by far the greatest investment ever. Very flexible in scheduling. Videos are well explained."

    Bernard Villarreal, Revit
  • "Enlightening, to say the least, its open new doors and am looking forwards to more classes with 3DTraining, specially looking forwards to that intermediate inventor 2015 training"

    Xavier , Inventor
  • "I had a very good learning experience with 3DTraining. The classes are very production oriented. I know that I can go out and take any challenge thrown at me."

    Douglas Pendleton , Maya

Alumni Success Stories

  • Christian Carbajal

    19-year old Christian Carbajal Chose 3D Training Institute’s 4-Month Program, Instead of 4-Year College, and Landed Dream 3D Position at Edese Doret Industries.

  • Kern Darrabie

    "With 3DTraining’s support and advice I was able to take my career to the next level and get to where I am today” - Kern Derrabie, featured in Computer Graphics World for work done for Comcast/CN8 Channel. ...more

  • Brian Ballinger

    "I was only halfway through my intermediate level course at 3DTraining, and I was so excited to find I got 3 job offers" Brian Ballinger, currently Architect at the Naos Design Group ...more

  • Dr. Rajeev Doshi

    "I still can't believe that I am getting paid to have so much fun" says Dr. Rajeev Doshi, who switched his career from being a phd researcher to forming his own medical animation company in London. ...more

Company News/Events

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  • Student Prepares to Release Feature Film

    Phil Cabrera, 3D Training Institute (3DTi) Alumni, Reflects on Chasing His Dream as He Prepares to Release His First Full Length Animated Film...more

  • How to land a job with
    Moving Picture Company

    3DTi Recruiter Webinar Series Features Christina Zervos, MPC (Moving Picture Company) Global Recruiter and Julien Deragon, MPC animator...more

Industry News

  • SIGGRAPH 2018, Vancouver

    SIGGRAPH 2018 is a five-day immersion into the latest innovations in CG, Animation, VR, Games, Digital Art, Mixed Reality and Emerging Technologies. Experience research, hands-on demos, and fearless acts of collaboration, ....more