”I learned a lot from 3DTraining, including developing new skill sets, acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the industry and how to present myself and network. I also became aware of the level of work you needed to get hired. With 3DTraining's support and advice I was able to take my career to the next level and get to where I am today” - Kern Derrabie


”I am very impressed with 3DTraining’s program, and especially their aim to help and encourage students to balance their artistry and aspirations with the real world requirements and challenges of the entertainment industry, thereby increasing their chances of success.”- David Carson (Emmy Award Winning Director: STAR TREK)

3D FOUNDATION WORKSHOP: (Beginners Level Program)

”I received great training in modeling, materials, lighting, and rendering procedures. I really enjoy the modeling the most but going through everything else to see the final result is very gratifying.” - Cory Wakeland , 3ds Max
”Great course! I've learned a lot in 4 weeks. I really like the way every week was set up from modeling to rendering. I'm actually pretty confident on working on my own.”

- Parhannson Cadet , 3ds Max
”An interesting experience learning about how to create a 3d virtual room, interior and exterior, with its ups downs, and bugs to work out.” - JJ , 3ds Max
”I really loved the way the class is set up and the workflow. I have prior experience with 3d programs and the detail in the videos made it really easy to learn.” - Gabriela , 3ds Max
”I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate the way your instructors are able to judge the skill levels and needs of your students & then tailor the teaching accordingly. That is a rare talent. As you can see, I am a bit slow at learning these 3-d skills; however, I am very determined to learn them to the best of my ability! I feel fortunate to be a part of the 3DTraining team as I slowly leave my flat plane of existence and emerge into the exciting world of 3-dimension!”
”The most important parts of the program were the 4 hour class and the live labs. I appreciated having an expert there to ask questions and get direct, instant feedback. We had a phenomenal instructor.” - Beth Zukowsky , Maya
”My experience has been very positive. I found the class both enjoyable and challenging. What I liked the most was how friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging the instructors were. They were honest and professional as well as extremely helpful. Their eagerness to help you through any situation that came up was really impressive. They really made the live classes successful and fun.” - Kristina Smiltnieks , Maya
”Overall the experience was so awesome I would love to recommend the course to anyone willing to learn Maya seriously. The key feature I find really great was the lab sessions and the live classes on Saturdays . These are the times I really learn a lot.” - Laurent de Laroche Souvestre , Maya
”The step by step explanations and very clear directions on how to create a project. You finish the Workshop with a solid understanding of the work you will be doing in a professional environment.” - Dagoberto Gomez , Maya
”I just wanted to write you and your staff a quick note on how I feel about your course. In one word PHENOMENAL. In two words absolutely amazing. Before this course, I asked “how do you get this done in four weeks? Now I understand. I have been involved with adult education for a long time, and understand the challenges that an intense topic such as this presents. However, the organization and the objectives presented where clear and very motivating. I do want to learn more and move into this type of work. I have wanted to do this type of work for a very long time and have some very specific personal goals, but to go from nothing to something in such short time has been (although somewhat frustrating at times) unbelievable. I would like to thank the instructors for their input and rapid response to my questions. Great job!” -Armando Bevelacqua , Maya
”In the 3DTraining I found a perfect combination of video lectures and live instructor class/lab sessions. I also like that the course is compressed which forced me to learn a lot for the short period of time.” -Tatyana Sunguryan , Revit
”I felt like I gained a lot by working through the assignments on my own after watching the tutorial videos. The ability to review certain parts of the assignments at your own pace was very effective. The instructor (Brent) was great at addressing any issues that couldn't be resolved on my own.” - Codey Falkenberg , Revit
”I loved that it was set up in a way where I was not held back by a slow pace and not discouraged if the pace got quick. It was a great challenge and encouraged me to advance my skill level and dedicate to learning the program.” - Kelly Saguini , Revit
”It was by far the greatest investment ever. Very flexible in scheduling. Videos are well explained.” - Bernard Villarreal , Revit
”Enlightening, to say the least, its open new doors and am looking forwards to more classes with 3DTraining, specially looking forwards to that intermediate inventor 2015 training” - Xavier , Inventor

3D PROJECT BASED COURSE: (Intermediate Level Program)

”I have absolutely LOVED the program. I came into 3DTraining with zero 3D knowledge and after a couple months I have a demo reel I am proud of! I get so excited seeing the strides I have made with the program this far and I cannot wait to see where I can go with it now.” - Amanda Southall , 3ds Max
”Learning 3ds max from 3DTraining was fun, inspirational, and the most important decision I have made about getting into the 3d world. Everyone at 3DTraining was very nice and helpful. I now have a great demo reel and there is much more to come from me, but none of this would have been possible if it was not for 3DTraining and its awesome staff. I would not change a thing about 3DTraining. Keep up the good work because I sure will. Thank you to everyone at 3DTraining.” - Brian Avise , 3ds Max
”My experience with 3DTraining was amazing! I learned so much and was able to apply what I learned in these classes to my job. I have gained so much knowledge and can't wait to continue on with my 3D animations.” - Christine Arocho , 3ds Max
”Wow! I can't believe the quality of the class. The teaching concepts really help with the learning curve. The class was intense but well worth the time and cost.” - Cynthia Knott , 3ds Max
”The course provided an exceptionally thorough explanation of many 3d animation techniques. After trying to learn from various books and online tutorials, I can say from my experience that nothing competes with the hands on personal instruction I’ve received through 3DTraining. Friendly and encouraging instructors really inspire the students to go all out with our projects. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to pursue 3d art as a career.” - David Pollan , 3ds Max
”Hi Brian, I just wanted to drop a quick note. The class and the labs are awesome! The best thing about this class is that it's putting it all together for me. I’ve had a few years to play with an earlier version of max (v5) but there are so many things that I’m learning from a "production" point of view. The types of things that only come from experience!” - Steve , 3ds Max
”What makes a good teacher/trainer?. this is question that can most likely be answered, in many different ways, some may say that the prerequisites would be, experience in the field, good handle of the software , right mind set, organized, multitasker, well rounded knowledge base, troubleshooter, lateral thinker, calm and collected, etc. In my opinion the above are important, but not the most important. If the teacher is honest, trustworthy, and cares about what they, and the students are working at, I believe these are entirely the most crucial. I think Jamil possesses all of these qualities. So to sum up, the answer to question at the top, in my opinion is pretty obvious, if you missed it, look at the previous sentence again” - Ben Nault , 3ds Max
”I had a very good learning experience with 3DTraining. The classes are very production oriented. I know that I can go out and take any challenge thrown at me.” - Douglas Pendleton , Maya
”It was a good experience, you got to get a feel for what it's like having a job in this field more so than just a classroom.” - Leah Jackson , Maya
”If my high school had used this method of teaching, I would have excelled at more subjects! I really enjoyed this course because of the clear, concise method of teaching and learning. The theory of the software immediately followed by the practice engaged me and I was never bored, plus this is the best way that I learn things. The instructors were great in the way that they were almost always available to give advice, feedback and assistance, plus they were very patient, motivating and never condescending or negative, it was always about getting better.” - Ella Roberts , Maya
”Pretty good program. Great insight on tips and tricks on increasing work pace and professional workflow. Instructors are knowledgeable and motivate you along the way. Overall a pretty good experience.” - Neetha Shankar , Maya
”Thanks so much for this lesson Mr. Wilson and overall for the magnificent services of your organization, after the 4 week program I find myself 100% convinced that this is the school where I want to get the knowledge from in order to merger into the 3d industry. Thanks again for all.” - Henry Cantor , Maya
”I personally was a little skeptical about the 3Dtraining courses before I started. After a few minutes of talking with Brian I knew that this school was going to be great .The 4 week course taught me more than i could have imagined. Simply put Jamil was a great instructor .Better than most modelers and professors around. Jamil really made me focus and sit down and step up to the polygon plate. Awesome setup this school had and i will never want to do another class, tutorial or anything else. Thanks so much and I look forward to the Project Bases Course” - Shaun Keenan , Maya
”Let me start by saying that my experience with 3DTI has been excellent. I learned more about Autodesk Maya in four months with 3DTraining than I ever would have at a four-year college. I definitely created more projects within that time than I would have at a conventional program as well. Your instructors are very informative and enthusiastic and it rubs off on the students. I have recommended 3DTraining to a number of friends and colleagues already” - Randall DiGiuseppe , Maya
”3DTraining really helped me with being able to overcome a program i was not looking forward to having to use at work to now enjoying it and applying more of its usage in my projects. The great community and flexible time frame has also been a blessing.” - Michelle Anderson , Revit
”I found the 3DTraining program very helpful and focused on todays market needs. The course material is comprehensive. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Working on assignments individual and as a part of a team has given me an idea of what to expect while working on real projects. Taking this class is the best decision I have made and am sure it will help me in my career.” - Shweta Shanbhag , Revit
”There is a wealth of knowledge here. You know if you have a question there will be someone here to answer it.” - Shelli Robichaud , Revit
”This Revit program was awesome for me. I really liked every single part of the program from the beginning to the end, but the best part for me were the residential and commercial” - Carlos Brunet , Revit


” This course was an invaluable use of my time. I don't think I could have found a more informative, inspirational, and supportive course than I did here. In the short amount of time that I had in the class I learned more information than ever could have on my own. I believe it has given me a large stride forward in achieving my goal of working in the animation field.” - ALEX ALPHONSO, (background: Freelance Comic Colorist)
”The course provided me with my first exposure to 3ds max. Over the period of 12 weeks, the sheer range of different projects kept me very interested in the field and allowed me to gain a far more rounded view of the industry. As a result, the reel that I produced at the end of the course was very dynamic; potential employers have been very impressed with this showcase of my flexibility and the range of animation techniques I am familiar with. This reel has now led to the offer of a full-time position with a company specializing in medical animation -- only a month after finishing the course! Overall, a most highly-recommended course” - DR. RAJEEV DOSHI (PhD. in Cancer Research)
”Extremely informative for all of the aspects of 3D Studio Max. Lots of real world tips, tricks, shortcuts and solutions from instructors. I really feel confident about my skills in 3D now.” - TOM HICKEY (background: Works as a web-designer in an Internet Company)
”The instructors, were very inspirational, the projects were challenging and interesting. Overall this was a very enjoyable and worthwhile class. Furthermore it also helped me meet people in the Industry.” - JEREMY GEDDES (background: entry level Architecture)
”The course taught me a lot about animation in general along with specifics about 3D animation. The different instructors, taught me various ways to approach a problem in terms of modeling, lighting and animation and insights in various production issues” - ERIC LAURENT (background: Computer Programmer)
”Very interesting, fun and informative. I felt I gained a practical knowledge of 3D. I knew nothing about 3D animation when I started, but know I feel I have enough knowledge to give it a try professionally.” - TOMMY ARAI (background: Works in an Advertising Agency as an Account Supervisor)
”I now have more confidence & knowledge in using the program. Learnt a great deal of finer points of the software and production methods” - PEDRO SANTOS (background: Architect, interns with an animation studio)
”It was very informative in terms of the tools you can use and its various approaches and possibilities” - PATRICK SANTIAGO (background: Computer technician)
”It was useful in learning 3D animation to further my knowledge and how to apply my creative skills” - LOU SPINA (background: Owns a graphic design studio in Manhattan, New York)
”Extremely useful information.. Great workflow.. Experienced and Knowledgeable Instructors. This course has helped raise the production quality of my work” - MARC GAYNOR (background: Owner of a post-production house in midtown Manhattan)
”Very intensive, yet interesting enough to keep up with the course. I found the problem solving aspect of the course, most interesting.” - KENTARO KEN (background: Majored in Computer Art and Design with prior knowledge of Alias and Maya)
”This course was very helpful due to the fact I am serious about becoming a professional animator, and this course definitely put me on the right path” - JONATHAN GALL (background: works as production coordinator for Marvel Comics)
”Invaluable, before the course had no experience with 3d animation, now I have come so far and feel I have a possible future with 3D CGI. Every class taught me something new and every Saturday morning I woke eager like a child to get to class” - DOUG TOMKINS (background: artist and custom designer for Motor Cross race teams)
”The course showed me how complex this field can be but more so how fun it can be. It gets you to think about what you are doing and how you approach thing” - SIDNEY JOHNSON (background: Graphic Designer)
”Everything was a part or inspirational to something I would like to do in the future. I felt like it opened doors to understanding and actually being able to accomplish some things I have admired.” - JULIE DOTY (background: Traditional Artist)