What are the requirements to join 3DTraining's programs?

You must have access to a compatible computer that can run the Autodesk 3D software and Internet access.

You'll need to be able to dedicate at least 10 hours per week during the 4-month training period.

We recommend that you use a headset with a microphone so that you can speak hands-free during the live sessions.

Please Note: Prior 3D, art, or programming skills are not required to join our programs.

How do I know if my computer can handle the 3D software?

As long as your computer is a few years old, you should be able to run the programs on your existing system. However, we recommend that you check the minimum system requirements and test your system with the software that we provide with the 7-day Starter Program.

The Starter provides a trial version of the software and tutorials that you can use to check whether or not your system and software work properly for your learning needs.

How much time do I have to dedicate toward the program each week?

During the 4-month training program, you'll go through the 3-step learning process, where you spend approximately 2 hours learning the software, 4 hours working on your project, and 2 hours improving your performance each week. That means you will need to dedicate at least 10 hours per week towards the program.

All sessions are held during nights and weekends, and new phase videos are unlocked at 12 AM every Sunday morning. We provide recommended schedules for each week with the assumption that you'll spend 1-2 hours learning each day. However, some students prefer to set aside one day to complete all three steps in one go! So how you spread your learning time during the week is entirely up to you.

Can I complete the program earlier than four months?

3D is complex software, and spaced learning is better than binge learning for better retention and long-term effects. Over the past 20 years of our training experience, we found that four months is the ideal time for students to gain proficiency with the software. It takes at least 10 hours to complete the three-phase learning steps each week.

If you have more time and/or your job requires you to learn faster, you can move to the next phase videos ahead of schedule. By uploading your project for each phase in the platform, you can unlock the phase videos earlier.

How do I register for the program, and what is the enrollment process?

The steps to join are program are as follows:

Apply for the program and find out if you are accepted within 3 working days.

Once accepted you can sign-up for the 7-day risk-free Starter Program ($50 deposit required) to make sure that our production based training methodology is the right fit for your learning needs.

After you complete the starter program, you can register for any 4-month program start date for up to one year in advance. Please note our programs typically start on the first Sunday of every month. If you need to start your program earlier, please contact us by email at and let us know.

What are the tuition fees and payment options for the program?

We do have promotional offers from time to time; to find out about the current tuition fee for our 4-month program fill out the Request Information Form.

If you decide to join the program, there are several available payment options. The tuition fee can be made in full with an additional 10% discount. Payments can be made using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

We also offer payment plans with no interest or credit check for $600 or $450 per month. Financing plans with no credit check are offered at $300 or $150 per month.

The tuition fee includes the following:

  • 4-month Production-based Training Program
  • Diploma on program completion
  • 24/7 Online Helpdesk and Weekly Live-Online Labs
  • 2-hours of Private Online Session per Program
  • 3-hour Monthly Performance Challenges
  • 1-year Platform Access after Course Completion
  • Alumni Community Access & Project Assistance
  • 50% Discount on all Future Training Programs
  • 6-month Internship Program (based on selection)

After completing the program successfully, you'll receive a diploma and have a reel/portfolio with four diverse, high-quality projects to enable you to start working on professional projects right away.

Please Note: Autodesk currently provides free 3-year access to Software for eligible students

What is your refund policy?

If within seven days of signing up for the starter program, if you decide that our programs are the not the right fit, for any reason whatsoever, you can request a refund of the $50 deposit.

After the 7-day starter period, on the 8th day, your $50 deposit will be applied toward your 4-month program tuition fee, and you will be required to fulfill the tuition obligations based on the payment option you have chosen.

Do you offer post-class support?

After completing the 4-month program, you are provided with a variety of post-class support options to help you find work and execute projects:

ALUMNI COMMUNITY ACCESS: Includes community site and webinars to keep you in touch with the industry and get feedback on your work

PROJECT ASSISTANCE: For portfolio/client projects at discounted hourly rates by our supervisors

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: 6-month online/part-time for selected graduates to gain work experience and receive a reference letter

How does the internship program work?

3DTraining offers a 6-month internship program for selected graduates from our program. The non-paid internship program is part-time and provides additional training and experience to help increase the chances of success for our graduates.

Graduates are selected based on their performance in the program, portfolio/reel, resume, and an online interview. Once selected, they'll spend approximately 15 hours per week training and gaining work experience over the 6-month period.

The internship program is conducted online during nights and weekends to accommodate graduates who are currently studying or working during weekdays.

At the end of the 6-months, based on successful completion, we provide a work experience reference letter. Those who excel in the internship program may be offered other positions with 3DTraining or our affiliate companies based on their performance.

How do I ask specific questions?

If you have additional questions, please fill out the ask a question form and our team will email you the answer to your question.

In some cases, we may recommend a 10-minute phone appointment to discuss your questions.

If you have urgent training needs or require corporate training, please call us at: (877) 746-4338.