How were the 3DTraining programs developed?

The 3DTraining programs were initially developed by our partner production company, 3DMIRAGE, for its internal hiring requirements. 3DTraining first launched production-based training programs for the general public in New York, in partnership with Autodesk, in 1998.

3DMIRAGE has worked on several projects for clients ranging from small architectural firms to large Fortune 500 companies such as Viacom, Boeing, and Microsoft.

Some of the high profile projects they've worked on include modeling the entire Olympic stadium for a Samsung promotion and a Super Bowl commercial for Marquis Jet.

Over the last 20 years, these programs have transitioned from the classroom to online, and now platform-based training to keep the pace with the latest technological advances today.

What makes 3DTraining programs unique?

The 3DTraining production-based programs are unique because they bridge the gap between traditional academic learning and the level of professional skills required by the industry.

Studios, architectural firms, and clients are looking for people who can deliver professional, high-quality work while consistently managing client expectations and working within production deadlines.

What makes 3DTraining programs different is that the focus is not just to teach you the software but prepare you for the end goal, which for most of our students is to be working on client projects.

3DTraining programs are ideal for those who are seriously considering 3D as a career or are looking to enhance their existing skills in a relatively short period of time in a cost-effective way.

Our student's success stories have been featured in professional trade magazines such as Computer Graphics World (CGW), 3D World, and POST.

What is production-based training?

The different training methods can be classified as follows:

Software-based training where you simply learn the software tools and menus that are typically provided by the software manufacturer.

The next level is project-based training where you learn not only the software but the workflow to create a high-quality project or portfolio. This is what most training programs focus on today.

Coming from a production background, we know that just having a high-quality portfolio or reel is not enough to get hired these days.

That's why we offer what is called production-based training where we take you beyond simply learning the software and creating high-quality projects to help you learn to work fast and efficiently.

What are the typical profiles of students attending 3DTraining programs?

3DTraining has a diverse group of people who enroll and complete the programs successfully.

  1. Professionals who are already working within the 3D industry to refine their skills and improve the quality of their work in a short period of time.
  2. Students who have graduated from a three or four-year college in animation and wish to improve their demo reel/portfolio to get a better understanding of production workflow and increase their marketability in the job field.
  3. Beginners who join our courses and are looking for a new career or career change.
  4. Entrepreneurs looking to set up their own home-based production studios.
  5. Hobbyists who join to fulfill a creative need or satisfy a lifelong wish to learn animation. Some of our hobbyist students have discovered innovative ways to create another stream of income using 3D.

I do not reside in the US, but I am interested in joining your programs? Can I still join?

YES, we have students outside of North America who attend. We've had students from Europe, Australia, South America, Asia and some parts of Africa.

Our production-based training is conducted entirely online using a combination of our proprietary platform and live-online help sessions.

We conduct the live-online help sessions at fixed times, during daytime and weeknight hours. Based on the time zone you are you in, you should be able to attend at least one of the live-online sessions each week.

Is online training as effective as classroom training?

When 3DTraining first launched the production-based programs in 1998, due to technical limitations, we use to offer only classroom training in New York.

Almost a decade later, in 2008 when we started offering our programs online, we did not notice a drop in the learning experience from students. In fact, we were seeing better results from many of our students who were doing the online version of the class!

Currently, we conduct all our classes online using our interactive platform and the latest screen sharing technology that allows you to show your work and get feedback from others like you would in a normal classroom.

This allows students to attend our classes from anywhere, as long as they have access to a computer and a high-speed Internet connection, saving our students the time and expense of traveling to attend classes.

Today the world is moving online, from shopping, banking, and even 3D production work. This is a good way to learn while having the flexibility to travel and work which is expected to be the new trend in the coming years.

After being accepted into our program, you will get the opportunity to try out the 3DTraining Platform by registering for our 7-day Risk-free Starter Program, to make sure online training system is the right fit for your learning needs.

Does 3DTraining offer corporate training?

Yes, we do offer corporate training for companies looking to train three or more members. The training can be customized to meet your company's requirements.

When we receive the information, we'll send you a statement of work with the duration and course fee details that you can present to your company for approval. If you have any specific questions about our corporate training programs, you can email us at

I have already taken 3D courses before; how can the 3DTraining program benefit me?

We have had many students who have studied 3D from traditional schools and colleges, before joining our production-based programs to learn efficient workflows to take their skills to the next level.

3DTraining courses are entirely production-based and focus on helping you learn the project execution strategies, disciplines, and work habits that will help you increase your chances of success and progress in the industry.

Hopefully, with your prior learning experience, you will be able to produce higher quality work than beginners and have a better chance of being accepted to our 6-month online internship program, where you'll gain valuable work experience as well.

If you already have a demo reel/portfolio, you can submit them to see if you qualify for credits to reduce your tuition fees. We also have a work-study program for graduates from other schools who are facing financial hardships.

What are the benefits of attending and completing the 4-month program?

Upon your successful completion of this course, you will have a solid foundation in 3D techniques and the skills to create a professional quality demo reel based on your area of specialization. Additionally, this experience teaches you valuable habits and disciplines necessary to become a professional through first-hand experience in the entire production process and understanding of client expectations.

Over the 4-month training period, you'll learn to identify your strengths and select the area of specialization that is best suited to your skills and interests. We will help you define a plan to search for rewarding work based on your individual preferences after you've reached the end of your course.

When you complete the 4-month program, you'll receive a diploma and have a high-quality portfolio/reel with four diverse projects to help you secure work. You'll also receive continued access to the platform for one year at no additional cost. After that, you can purchase an annual subscription to keep up-to-date with the new software releases and updates.

How do I make sure that the 3DTraining programs are right for me?

3DTraining provides a 7-Day Starter Program to provide prospective students with the experience of how our live-online classes are conducted live and to make sure that the class format and training methods meet your needs.

You will also get to meet members of the 3DTraining team who will answer your questions and help you decide if the program is right for you. The Starter Program includes a trial version of the software, video tutorials, and a live-online help session with the instructor.

How do I refer my friends to the program?

If you have friends who may be interested in our production-based programs, you can use our referral form to send them an invitation to visit where they can inquire about the programs offered and decide if they would like to take the training together with you.