3DTraining's Advisory Board represents prominent animation executives who are committed to sharing their areas of expertise with our instructors and students. The members of the 3DTraining advisory board represent significant talent and accomplishment in the animation industry.
    Futurist, Speaker and Writer

    Dr. Joel N. Orr established himself as a world-renowned expert in engineering automation and computer technologies. He helped found Cyon Research Corporation, a publishing and consulting firm, and its annual COFES conference. Much in demand as a keynote speaker, Joel has addressed conferences, companies, and associations around the world, often sharing the platform with speakers such as Tom Peters, George Gilder, Jack Kemp, and others. Joel created Computer Graphics World magazine in 1976 and sold it in 1978. Orr was also co-founder and president of the NCGA (National Computer Graphics Association) and president of the Virtual Worlds Society. Autodesk Corporation named Orr a “Distinguished Fellow” for a three-year period that ended in 1993. From 1997 to 2001, Bentley Systems, Inc. designated him their “Engineering Laureate.” Dr. Orr’s most recent book is “Joel’s Book Program: The Simple Secret to Writing a Book in 30 Days, at 1 Hour a Day!” He has also written “Every Man a Hero, Every Woman a Coach,” and “Structure is Destiny: The Dandelion Paradox.” Many of the Fortune 500 manufacturers see Dr. Orr as a major resource in the areas of business restructuring, automation, and the future of technology. He counts among his clients Ford, IBM, Chrysler, Lockheed, Xerox, Apple, General Foods, Dow Corning; Becton-Dickinson, US Surgical, the US Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Army, NASA, government agencies in several countries, and many other organizations. Orr has frequently served as an expert witness in matters relating to computer graphics, CAD, computer software, systems design, collaborative software, and more. Dr. Orr’s Ph.D. is in abstract math, from SUNY, 1973. He is listed in “Who’s Who,” and is internationally known as a speaker. He lives in Mountain View, California.

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    Emmy Award-Winning Director

    David Carson is the director of four episodes each of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, including the latter's pilot episode, "Emissary"". Carson also directed Star Trek Generations, his first feature film effort and the highest grossing movie of the Star Trek franchise at that time. His movies for the big screen include LETTERS FROM A KILLER, starring Patrick Swayze, IN HIS LIFE: THE JOHN LENNON STORY, with an unknown cast, shot in the original locations in Liverpool, England, and a ten hour mini-series, THE 10TH KINGDOM, which he also produced and shot for a solid seven months all over Europe. Carson has also directed episodes of such shows as L.A. Law (starring Corbin Bernsen and Larry Drake), Doogie Howser, M.D. (starring Lawrence Pressman and James B. Sikking), Alien Nation (starring Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint and Michele Scarabelli), Northern Exposure, Beverly Hills, 90210, One Tree Hill, Smallville, and the pilot for Manny Coto's Odyssey 5, which starred Peter Weller. He also directed the pilot of Robert Hewitt Wolfe and Hans Beimler series The Dresden Files and two other episodes of its first season, just like he did with DS9's first season. He was a producer on the series, as well. Carson directed Star Trek: Voyager guest actor Bruce McGill in the 1993 TV movie Shameful Secrets and the 1998 film Letters from a Killer. He also directed part 10 of the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon, helmed the 2002 TV adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie, and directed Scott Bakula in the 2007 Lifetime movie Blue Smoke. Carson cast Andreas Katsulas for a role in the 1989 Alien Nation episode "The Game" and went on to cast Katsulas in the role of Tomalak for the TNG episode "The Enemy". Katsulas went on to make three more appearances as Tomalak on the series. For another episode of Alien Nation, Carson cast Armin Shimerman, who became the first actor to read for the role of Quark during the casting process for DS9's pilot, which Carson directed. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion) Other movies and mini-series directed by Carson for television include CARRIE, BLUE SMOKE, and GOING UNDERGROUND, which won a Humanitas award. Carson has also won two EMMYS, for his work on the TV series STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE and NORTHERN EXPOSURE.

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    Founder: Private Idaho

    Gary Sharfin is the owner, a producer, editor, sometimes director at Private Idaho which he founded in 1988. He began his career-launching Donna Karan with an award-winning fashion video and has edited commercials for Burger King, Lite Beer, Budweiser (including Bud Bowl) as well as Canon’s iconic Andre Agassi “Image is everything” campaign. His feature film credits as an editor include films shown at the Cannes, Sundance and Tribeca film festivals. His work on Sony Picture Classics’ Denise Calls Up (starring Liev Schreiber, Tim Daly, Aida Turturro and Alanna Ubach, which received Honorable Mention for the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival) was praised by Stanley Kaufman in the New Republic as well as by the Boston Globe and Newsday. He received the blessing of the elders of the Onondaga Nation to edit the Native American feature The Reawakening. He was an executive producer of Evergreen a feature film also shown at Sundance and released directly by AMC Theaters. Sharfin’s television work includes editing the first digital HD program at NHK in Tokyo (Dizzy Gillespie and Tito Puente) which led to him directing and editing a series of one-hour jazz shows in Brazil, Tokyo, and New York for Japanese TV and home video. For HBO he edited (and directed the opening) of the comedy series Snaps ( Mo’Nique and Tracy Morgan) and “Blaze Battle”. He designed and edited the opening of Nickelodeon's Animorphs and edited Bravo’s first original programming, the documentary Fire, Risk & Rhythm. He edited and co-produced the documentary Into the Fire: American Women in the Spanish Civil War which aired on PBS as well as internationally. Sharfin also directed the mockumentary The Field Guide to White People shown at the Acapulco Black Film Festival as well as the animated web series White TV for Turner’s Super Deluxe. In addition, Sharfin has directed numerous music videos.

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    Managing Partner: Unified Field

    Eli Kuslansky is the managing partner of Unified Field which specializes in media architecture, communications, and visualization systems for museums, educational institutions, Fortune 500 corporations. He specializes in design technology, communications, informational and educational products. With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, he is currently developing advanced 3D visualization systems, alternative interfaces and designing custom software applications for museums, educational institutions, Fortune 500 corporations, and financial institutions. For the three years prior to joining Unified Field, Mr. Kuslansky was Director of Technology and Interactives at Ralph Appelbaum Associates, internationally known museum designers.Mr. Kuslansky has developed new media products and services for Sony, The National Parks Service, The Smithsonian Institution, The New York Stock Exchange, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Pfizer, Merck, IBM, MasterCard International, Bell Atlantic Mobile, Times Mirror Corporation, The Bank of New York, Frito Lay, Inc., Ralph Appelbaum Associates, The South Street Seaport, and other internationally known architects, exhibit designers and Institutions around the world. Eli Kuslansky was a curator at the South Street Seaport Museum and appraised nautical antiques for Sotheby’s and Christie's New York. Mr. Kuslansky is a member of the International Interactive Communications Society, The Human Factor Society, and the New York Software Industry Association, and a former board member of Exit Art. Mr. Kuslansky is on the New Media Executives committee for the UJA Federation. He is also a board member of the Industry Applications Board for Columbia University’s Center for Advanced Technology, and he is the chairman of the Art and Cultural Special Interest Group for The New York New Media Association. He is also on the advisory and development committee for online strategies for the M.I.T. Enterprise Forum.

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    President: Mechanism Digital, Inc.

    Lucien Harriot, Visual Effects Supervisor and President of Mechanism Digital Inc., is as comfortable on the live action set as he is in the studio with a team of computer artists. In 1996, Lucien founded Mechanism Digital Inc., which provides computer animation and digital effects for film, television and new media. Located in Manhattan’s West Chelsea and employing a staff of up to 25, Mechanism prides itself in taking the mystery out of the visual effects process while encouraging client education and involvement in the creative process, from storyboard to finishing. Mechanism Digital wrapped production on the History Channel documentary "Last Stand of the 300," a two-hour special in which Harriot, also the firm’s Visual Effects Supervisor, encouraged the client to shoot the entire program on green screen (similar to the movie "300") for a hyper dreamlike style, using 3D backgrounds. Other recent production credits include the multi-Emmy winning productions “Rome: Engineering an Empire," regular effects on the HBO series “The Wire,“ visual effects for the feature “Senka /Shadows," the opening title sequence and movie poster design for the horror film “Zombie Honeymoon," 75 shots for Spike Lee's feature "Bamboozled" and “Natures Nightmares," an effects-heavy show currently in development for The Discovery Channel. Lucien is the past Vice Chair of NYC-ACM-SIGGRAPH and its Chair of Programs from 1995 to 2005, Lucien is an active member of both the Producers Guild of America and the Visual Effects Society.

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    CEO: Instant Noodle Factory

    Doros is the CEO of Doros USA, Inc., a Computer Animation Company, which merged recently with LEXICOM, LLC, an Information Technology Company, to create the newly formed INSTANT NOODLE FACTORY Company. The company’s objective is to achieve excellence in the designing and production of superior animation, communications and Internet Technology by combining many years of experience and talent. For much of his career, Doros has worked designing and directing television commercials using computer animation, motion graphics, special effects, and cell animation for major Advertising Agencies including Grey Advertising, BBDO, Griffin Bacal Inc., DDB Worldwide, Young & Rubicam, and Saatchi & Saatchi. His clients include GTE, McDonalds, Hasbro, Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, Am Track, Canon, USA today, HBO, and Time Warner Cable. In addition to television commercials and programs, Doros has also designed and produced animation for music videos, such as Bob Dylan’s “Joker man” amongst others. The original animated stories, “Happy Hero” and “The Evil Awards”, for the Cartoon Network’s “Web Premier Toons”, were written, produced and directed by Doros’ studio. Today, using the facilities of his newest animation studio, INSTANT NOODLE FACTORY, he can design and execute any animation work in the spirit and the capacity of the latest technology for any broadcast TV and Internet needs.

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