Name: Joe Stipo
Title: Lead 3D Animator
Company: CNBC

Joe spear headed is own animation company called, "Ground Game Graphics", which created high-end animation for a variety of industries, from TV broadcast to Interior design. Joe has also been an animation instructor at New York University where he has been teaching 3D Animation to students since 2003. With his impressive credits and teaching credentials, why did Joe come to study with 3DTi?

”I was already proficient in Maya and wanted to learn 3DS Max. 3DTi really helped me focus my energy in the areas I enjoyed the most; Modeling and Lighting. Using that they helped me create a really great demo reel resulting in me getting hired for freelance work for a number of smaller studios and even US Military”

Joe started as freelance animator at CNBC at a time when the program had decided to re-establish their 3D Animation department, which had been phased out a few years back. In the Fall of 2005, CNBC contracted Joe to help completely redesign the station. Joe trained the CNBC staff in Maya and created 3D animations to enhance their existing programming. Now with the new redesign of the network, 3D elements soon became the norm. Though originally hired to work on only one or two shows, after seeing Joe’s work, the producers became so impressed with the new 3D effects they soon demanded new bigger and better 3D graphics. And so, became the genesis for Joe's present staff position with the network.

Currently Joe is CNBC's Lead 3D Animator, where he works in a busy graphics department creating on-air 3D graphics for station. Joe works closely with the producers and oversees a staff of 10 animators. The team turns out a wide range of assignments in rapid-fire succession, including daily animations as well as promos and complete show packages.

“My training at 3dti was a lot more then just showing the program. The teachers and staff really spent the time to help make my work really look its best and up to industry standards”